Floor Coatings and “Pop-Outs” In Your Garage Floor

You may or may not have heard the term “pop-out” when referencing a concrete floor. A pop-out is the area where concrete breaks away, leaving a depression in the surface. We all have seen them and they can create hazards on what should be a smooth surface.

In Minnesota, pop-outs are caused by the freeze/thaw cycles that cause concrete to expand. The salt applied to surfaces in the winter also contributes.

Homeowners and business owners tend to be concerned about pop-outs because they attract moisture, dirt, and they get worse every year. Finally, the owner gives in and buys bagged cement, caulk, or another substance to repair the pop-out, hoping it will work.

If it is decided later that the concrete needs to be coated, the repairs have to be removed and replaced with a more suitable material so that the coating can be applied and adhere correctly. Moisture also deteriorates do-it-yourself repair materials over time.

When a coating is placed over a do-it-yourself repair, the coating will fail. This also nullifies the warranty of the coating. A quality Minneapolis floor coating contractor will make sure that all do-it-yourself repairs are removed before the coating is put down so that the warranty stays intact and so the chances of coating failure is at a minimum.

With industry standard repairs that follow the proper recommendations and procedures, the repair of the concrete becomes more cost effective than if you needed to completely replace it. Of course, cost does depend on how extensive the repairs are, which determines labor and material costs. Every floor or concrete surface is different.

The end result, however, is a concrete surface that has been effectively repaired and coated so it is like new. Rather than having to pay for a load of concrete and the labor involved in that process, your repairs can be done quickly and effectively. This adds years to the life of the concrete.