Facts about Polished Concrete

There are many warehouses, factories, office buildings, and garages throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul that have polished concrete floors. They are attractive, durable, and they last much longer than if the concrete was directly exposed to all of the traffic and abuse the floor faces every single day. Instead, the polished concrete protects it while making it look great. By looking at a high traffic concrete floor, you wouldn’t necessarily know it.

Here are some facts about polished concrete that you may or may not know:

  • Polished concrete flooring is very durable, but this doesn’t mean that it is immune to scratches, staining, and chip-outs. The flooring system is a finished one and it must be treated accordingly.
  • It is important that the floor is kept clean. Maintenance isn’t overly difficult, so it should be easy and part of a regular maintenance schedule to keep dirt and other contaminants off of it. If dirt and contaminants are allowed to remain on the floor for too long, they can be like sandpaper and that will diminish the appearance of the floor.
  • Placing walk-off floor mats at entrances can catch the dirt on shoes so that the amount of dirt that falls off onto the floor is reduced. The Walk-off mats should be kept clean.
  • Rain water that is acidic, frequently referred to as “acid rain,” can etch a polished concrete floor. This is a good reason to ensure the floor isn’t exposed to any outside precipitation and that mats are kept at doors.

Keeping The Floor Free Of Spills

There are different types of spills and stains that can also damage the flooring. The first type of spill is the reactive spill. This is an acidic spill that consists of a liquid, such as orange juice. It will etch the surface of the floor if it is not cleaned up quickly. The level of acid in the orange juice could possibly instantly etch a floor, depending on the type of coating being used.

The second type of spill is the penetrating spill. Oil and red wine are the types of liquids that fall into this category. These spills can attach to the concrete’s pores and leave a dark spot. This effect can be minimized and possibly even prevented if cleaned up quickly.

If this happens, your experienced Minneapolis & St. Paul floor polishers can help you address the issue with a number of options. If there is a high probability of these types of spills, then a coating that can better handle the type will work best for your floor.

Working Equipment Means Happy Floors

Any equipment that is used to clean the floors needs to be in proper working condition. If equipment is faulty in any way, it can cause very serious damage to the floor. In fact, faulty equipment can cause damage to any type of floor.

You will also want to check with your concrete polishing professionals about the best polished concrete cleaner to use.

While polished concrete is durable, these tips will help you ensure the coating looks its best for as long as possible.