Can Your Existing Concrete Floor be Polished?

Concrete floors are everywhere throughout the Twin Cities. Head over to Eagan, you are going to find concrete floors in many buildings. Head over to a car dealership or warehouse anywhere in St. Paul and you are going to find that they have concrete floors as well.

Commercial establishment opt for concrete flooring because it is heavy, durable, and it is going to last for a while.

However, on your journey you may find that some of these floors are worn, dull, stained, and they just don’t look great at all. Others you are going to notice that they are reflective, have designs and different colors, and they look like they don’t receive the traffic that they receive. The floor looks clean, professional, and it looks more expensive than what it is.

This may have you now asking whether or not your concrete floor can be polished. Keep these things in mind:

  • If the floors are fresh concrete, there are no special additives or mixes that are needed to get the job done. You will want to discuss with your installer how long you should wait to introduce your new polished concrete floor to heavy traffic so you can minimize the risk of damaging the floor. This will save you time and money.
  • If you have an existing concrete floor that has some age on it, then there are going to be a few extra steps in the installation process compared to fresh concrete. The first step is thoroughly cleaning the concrete to remove dirt and debris. If it has been coated previously, the old coating will be removed. Older concrete floors are more likely to take on some damage, so any areas that are damaged or uneven will be corrected before polishing.
  • Your installer may use a densifier on the floor in order to enhance strength and remove dust.

So as for whether or not your existing concrete floor can be polished, there are measures that can be taken so you do not have to replace your old floor. You and your contractor can discuss your options so that you know whether or not your existing floor can look like new. In many cases, it can. So you do not have to worry about making the assessment on your own. To you, the floor may look terrible and may be at the point of no return. To a professional, they can see what can be improved in the flooring to prepare it for polishing and make it look like you got a brand new floor when all you did was get it coated.