Environmental Benefits of Polished Concrete

There are many contractors and concrete builders who are trying to save the earth and they are doing it one project at a time.

Whenever any renovations or new construction is done on a building, one of the first things for an environmentally friendly planner is that the structure is 100% environmentally friendly. The same applies to any commercial or residential floor installation.

But let’s look at commercial floors since they are much larger and they require more materials to be used.

When it comes to polished concrete in the Twin cities, it is a safe option for the environment. The look is beautiful and it is unmatched by any other type of flooring.

One of the key factors that make polished concrete floors an asset to the environment is its ability to reduce the facility’s energy usage. In commercial properties, the need for lighting is a need that can consume a lot of energy. This results in high energy costs. However, a lot of costs derive from how most floors absorb light. This creates a need for overhead lighting to use extra energy.

There is also the fact that polishing concrete floors doesn’t necessarily mean that the flooring needs to be replaced. In fact, the existing concrete can be polished, resulting in the usage of fewer materials and resources. Nothing needs to be wasted and you do not have to choose to leave a part of the floor out of the renovation process. Simple polishing will have the floor looking and feeling like new. In the meantime, you save on the cost of actually installing a whole new floor.

Furthermore, polished concrete lasts for a very long time, so you also extend the life of the flooring. This means that you do not have to worry about the cost of prematurely replacing the floor. You also do not have to worry about the materials and resources required in that premature replacement because it’s not going to happen.

If the existing building uses many environmentally unfriendly materials, polished concrete flooring can create that balance and that is why it is a growing trend in Minneapolis and St. Paul among responsible business owners. Not only does it last long, but it meets safety and health standards.

Putting the environmental impact aside, the appearance is also very important. You can walk in the front doors of many buildings and notice that the floors have different designs and colors. Sometimes the look may mimic specially cut tiles, but this is much stronger. You can have your concrete polished in a way that it completely transforms an area. It is almost like a complete remodel and, in some cases, businesses will redecorate based on the flooring pattern that they choose. This is like doing a complete renovation without the cost and without doing further harm to the environment.

There are many polished concrete options that you can choose from, allowing you to have flooring that is stronger, more beautiful, and environmentally friendly.