5 Reasons to Give Your Conference Room an Attractive Polyurea Floor

Minnesota Polyurea Flooring For Conference Rooms

The next time you walk by your building’s conference room, like at the floor. Check the areas near the doors for faded colors and worn patches. Walk around the perimeter to see where it’s starting to get a bit wrinkled and pull away from the walls. Then step back and ask yourself if you’d pick that pattern if you were starting from scratch. Once you start looking at the flooring, you might decide it’s time for something new. If you do, think about switching to coated concrete instead of more carpet. Here’s why:

1. Open up your booking options.

If your conference rooms only have carpet, you’re limiting your options. Carpet means corporate events and some weddings. It also means that there’s a lot of cleanup after each event, no matter how courteous the attendees are or how low-key you thought the event was going to be. 

But once you move away from traditional carpeting or fragile laminate floors, suddenly you’re the best location in town for niche conferences. You can have car shows and cooking competitions. Whether you own a hotel, a community center, or an events center with a large conference room, keeping that space booked is a large factor in your bottom line. Once you can safely open the door to everything from aquarium shows to appliance repair training camps without running the risk of floor damage, your margins will be a little less tight.

2. Have a high-gloss, low-maintenance floor.

Polyurea floors look nice. Whether you choose a pattern full of brindle flakes, cover the floor with a pearly iridescent gleam, or you make the floor a combination of neutral colors that match your brand, polyurea floors shine. The top clear coat means that impact damage, scratches, and abrasive wear and tear are kept at bay. 

Instead of having to constantly pull stains out of carpet fibers, replace cracked tiles, or replace laminate boards, your sealed concrete floor doesn’t need that much maintenance. It just needs to be swept or mopped to get rid of debris, and the seal needs to be reapplied every couple of years once the shine starts to fade around the major walkways.

3. Your clients can pick the flooring that matches their event.

Maybe one client doesn’t want a polyurea floor coating. Some events do make more sense with carpet. They might need artificial turf or those plushy mats that vendors can stand on for hours without hurting their knees. If your conference room has carpet, it can only ever have carpet. But once you apply a coating to your concrete floor and make that your default option, the flooring options open up. Family reunions can bring in heirloom rugs. People can wheel in carts and tables with much less of a headache and then bring in mats to divide up the room.

4. Lower your business’s liability.

Carpet, you might think, at the very least reduces the risk of visitors slipping and falling. That’s the reason a lot of event centers use carpets, not just because it was the default flooring choice. But polyurea coats are resistant to slippage. You can choose options that reduce the risk of slips, slick spills, and other dangers. Having a safe conference room is essential to maintaining a profitable business. So a flooring that needs little maintenance but also doesn’t pose a risk to your guests is important.

5. Pictures sell the space.

Your conference room needs to look perfect on your website. But it needs to look like a certain sort of perfect. A “nondescript but attractively unique” sort of perfect. A concrete floor coating can give you that. The lights reflect off the top coat for a gleaming, clean-looking space. There’s lots of high contrast. But it also will look easily modified. Every event planner can superimpose their own ideas on the space. That makes planning easier for them, which means more return bookings and visits.


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