Concrete Repair And Restoration vs. Floor Replacement

Some of the many technologies that are used to repair and restore concrete have been used for many years. Unfortunately, some of them are not working. They make for expensive concrete restoration projects because they use concrete repair mortars that tend to shrink excessively, causing loss of bond and cracking.

The cracking can allow the ingress of chlorides back into the repair zone, which re-attacks the embedded rebar. This can result in premature failure of the area that has been repaired. In fact, it can be imminent. This results in a high cost to owners and contractors because the failures are premature.

The high failure rate has resulted in a lot of research within the industry and the research showed that successful structural repair requires the repair mortar to act much like the host concrete. When the two materials are similar, this allows for proper load transfer and the avoidance of point load transfer problems, which can lead to long-term problems.

Combating An Industry Problem

Polytek Surface Coatings is a Minneapolis concrete floor polishing company that uses state-of-the-art concrete repair methods and materials that ensure the longevity of the repair before polishing the concrete. Rather than replace the entire floor or turn to an outdated technology that can cause more headaches, we use methods that are known for longevity and will ensure the floor lasts as long as you need it to. This makes for a much more affordable flooring solution with the following benefits:

  • Low shrinkage
  • Increased tensile capacity
  • Reduced permeability and increased durability
  • Flexural strength and bond strength are enhanced
  • Any embedded rebar is better protected
  • The physical properties before polishing are similar to native concrete to make sure it is structurally sound

Once repaired, there are different polishing solutions available.

No Need To Replace Your Floor

In many cases, there is no need to replace your concrete floor. There is this misconception that if it is cracked or missing pieces of itself in multiple place, it has to be replaced. This is something that is very expensive. Instead, you do have options.

You can opt to have your floor repaired and polished with a coating that will add to the durability. Floor coatings can help the concrete better absorb impact, handle traffic, and the concrete itself receives a level of protection that it wouldn’t have if it had to deal with traffic and impacts on its own.

Environmental Impact

Concrete polishing is also more environmentally friendly so that you can lower your carbon footprint. Replacing a floor results in the use of all new materials and this has a more negative impact on the environment. Concrete polishing entails the repair of the floor and then the use of materials that have been declared safe for people to be around and safe for the environment.