Concrete Polishing – Benefits of Dyed Concrete

Polytek Surface Coatings can provide you with the polished concrete floor that you want. A unique aspect of our services is that you don’t have to have a plain polished concrete floor. In other words, you don’t have to have a plain gray floor if you don’t want it.

By offering dyed concrete services, your floor can be the color you want it to be. There are a wide range of customizable options that are ideal for the floor in your retail establishment, office building, or wherever you need a dyed concrete floor.

Making Your Floors The Ideal Color

Concrete dyes are specially formulated, using the correct solvent or water along with small color molecules. This combination will penetrate the concrete’s surface when it is properly prepared. The dyes that are used are environmentally friendly concrete dyes that are available in a wide range of colors

These dyes can be used on standard concrete floors and integral colored concrete. Multiple color dyes may be used if you are looking to create a specific design without having to turn to a saw to separate the colors. Concrete dyes may be used over top of each other if multiple colors are desired and, along with polished concrete systems, the end result is a dyed polished concrete floor that is superior to a dyed floor that is not polished.

Benefits Of Dyed Polished Concrete

There are a number of benefits of dyed concrete. They include:

  • The dyes are not reactive and will continue to intensify each time the dye is applied
  • Concrete dyes can be used on exposed polished concrete floors in addition to polished concrete with a cream finish
  • It is much easier to predict the outcome of a floor dye when compared to acid states that can be somewhat unpredictable because they are reactive

General Benefits Of Polished Concrete

There are general benefits of polished concrete. Those benefits are:

  • Polished concrete is cost- effective. The initial cost is affordable and so is the long-term cost of it. Polished floors also reduce the amount that is spent on maintenance costs and energy costs. This is possible through their reflectivity, which creates ambient lighting.
  • Polished concrete eliminates dusting from efflorescence – This reduces maintenance and makes it more affordable.
  • Stain-resistant – Our Minneapolis polished concrete company polishes concrete when the client needs flooring that is stain-resistant. The tightened floor is dense enough to repel oil, water, and other contaminants. This is very important for ensuring the flooring looks great for the long-term.
  • Less maintenance – While most floor systems require aggressive maintenance, polished concrete does not. No aggressive scrubbing is needed.

Professional Minneapolis Polished Concrete Installation

Polished concrete is durable and has a great number of benefits that makes it ideal for a number of indoor environments. To learn more about the options that are available to you, call Polytek Surface Coatings at 952-236-9837 today. We can answer any questions you have and even give you a free estimate on your polished concrete project.