Commercial & Industrial Concrete Polishing

Commercial and industrial environments require environments that are free from dust for their products. With a polished floor finish for wide open areas and industrial and commercial facilities, companies throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and central and southern Minnesota are able to benefit.

The polished concrete Minneapolis businesses have integrated into their businesses is durable and cost effective. It is also easy to maintain. Basically, dirty and not-so-attractive floors can look much better and made more functional. The life of the floor is also extended, which means not having to completely replace the floor in the near future.

Extending The Life Of Floors

Depending on the type of floor and the look that you want, the floor can have the desired sheen to it. If you want it to shine like it is wet, that can be done; otherwise the level of gloss can be adjusted to your taste. There are different coatings that are used to give the floor that desired polished look. Most of all, the life of the floor is extended, especially with the proper maintenance.

As for the exact coatings that are used, epoxy coatings are frequently used in the concrete polishing process. Epoxy coatings can seal the concrete and it uses a rather involved process. For instance, some of the old floor may be removed, ensuring the floor is given a very good cleaning. The epoxy is then applied in the proper way, which is a way that will ensure the floor is given the level of gloss that you want or is needed.

Whether it is epoxy or another type of surface coating used to meet your concrete polishing goals, it is very important that the proper coating is used so that it can withstand the level of impact that the floor undergoes. The industry that you are in and the operations that occur on the floor will determine which coating or coatings will hold up the best against the abuse. Once the coating is applied, the floor looks like new, enhancing the work environment and making the floor more functional.

Concrete Polishing Benefits All Industries

Concrete polishing can benefit warehouses and factory floors. Other industries that enjoy the affordable and various properties of concrete polishing include educational facilities, hospitals and other medical facilities, department stores, grocery stores, office buildings, and many others.

Whether the polished concrete floor is the result of a new construction project or an existing concrete floor is being transformed, the look and durability that you need can be established. If the floor is going to receive public foot traffic, then you may wish to integrate a decorative element to the flooring that coincides with the architecture and style of the building. There are a number of options to choose from when you want the floor to be decorative as well. No matter what you decide to do, it adds value to the property, protects from every day wear and tear, and provides a better way to maintain the flooring.

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