Commercial Floor Coatings are Perfect for Your Minnesota Business

When you are starting your own business, you need to make great choices from the beginning. For example, if you are renovating a location to create your dream restaurant, it’s important to make smart and cost-effective decisions that will actually improve the space. 

In Minnesota, commercial floor coatings are one of those decisions. In fact, they’re a great way to create a robust floor that not only looks great, but will function even better and last your business for years to come. Here are some examples of businesses that might be able to benefit from it:

Doggy Daycare

Millions of people own dogs. And although they love them, there simply doesn’t tend to be enough time in the day to take care of them. Especially if you are the only one taking care of your pet and work long shifts, you need a place for your dog to go, exercise, and have fun. That’s why doggy daycares are becoming more and more popular. For those considering the start of their own business in this niche, coating concrete floors makes more sense than you might initially think. 

A coated floor will give you, your staff, and of course the pets a surface that is easy and convenient to clean. If any accidents occur (and they will), they can be easily removed and won’t stain the floor.

Additionally, any loose dog hair and dander can be swept away easily at the end of the day, making your business clean and ready to go for the next day. So when you are thinking about starting a doggy daycare, one of your first moves should be to make your bare concrete floors more durable. Even pups that enjoy roughhousing and running around will not be able to chip and damage a coated floor.

Your Own Bakery

If you love to bake and want to start your own business, finding the right space is only the first step. Once you’ve found a location, chances are it needs some work to turn it into the space you want it to be. 

When you are installing a kitchen area or are revamping an already existing kitchen, a coated concrete floor can greatly benefit you. The concrete will become more sanitary and much easier to clean. A sanitary space, of course, is especially critical when you are working in the food industry.

Tile and grout may look nice, but grout allows dirt, grime, and bacteria to get trapped on the floor. But when you are working with food, you want to be sure to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. And of course, a coated floor offers enough options for you to find a style that improves not just its function, but also its look.

Improve Your Existing Business

When you own any type of commercial space, you need to consider your floors. For example, a plant with equipment manned by machinists can be easily improved with a floor coating. Regardless of the type of business that you are running, any type of concrete flooring can be improved with a coating. 

That coating, in fact, will create a more uniform and stylish look, keep it from getting stained or damaged if any chemicals are dropped, and is also easily cleanable. Even a beauty salon can benefit from a floor coating, and because you have a wide variety of choices, you can customize the look to your desired brand and style.

Professionals can help to guide you on what system is ideal for your space, and further explain all of its benefit. Whether you already own a property or are buying a new space for your business, a floor coating will improve your life and company. To learn more about how our coatings can help you, please contact us.