Choosing Polished Concrete Over Other Systems

There are different floor coating systems that are out there. When you visit businesses throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, you will notice different types of flooring in each and every one. They all look very nice, as well. When it comes to you having to choose the type of flooring that will suit you, this fact can make it very confusing.

Nonetheless, there are many individuals throughout the Twin Cities who choose polished concrete. It is a relatively new idea that originated from terrazzo and traditional stone polishing technology. Since it came to the market, many manufacturers have produced topical-based and chemical products that can also produce a polished concrete look. The scope of the work associated with the products range from mechanical polish and densifier to a topical polish that has a burnishing step that gives it its sheen.

Polished Concrete VS. VCT

VCT is a flooring option that retailers have enjoyed for many years. It is a tiling option that is very cheap. However, while the installation of VCT can be very affordable, the life cycle is extremely short. The maintenance is also extensive because it involves waxing, stripping, and cleaning the floor. In the end, the hassle outweighs the benefits. The polished concrete that our St. Paul & Minneapolis commercial polished concrete installers are able to give you requires much less maintenance. For one, it does not require any wax to maintain the flooring. In fact, it doesn’t require much maintenance at all.

Polished Concrete VS. Mortar Or Epoxy Systems

Many industries enjoy the protection of epoxy and mortar systems. There is no doubt that there is a great deal of impact resistance and a wide range of benefits. There are simply some industries that benefit more than others, such as warehouses and factories. These are systems that can be very affordable, but epoxies and mortars do require reapplication every few years and operations at warehouses and plants do need to be shut down, at least to an extent, in order to install the floor coatings so that they can be applied correctly and can dry and cure.

Polished concrete offers the same amount of resistance and is a durable surface. The lifecycle is also much longer. Polished concrete also doesn’t require operations to shut down for it to be applied to the flooring. In other words, you can receive new floor coating without having to shut down business. This makes polished concrete even more affordable.

Fast Polished Concrete Installation

Our Minneapolis & St. Paul concrete polishing company will create a plan with you that will ensure installation without having to interrupt your operations. The end result is flooring that is durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. You may be amazed the different options that polished concrete presents you with so you can have the flooring you always wanted. To learn more, call Polytek Surface Coatings at 952-236-9837 to ask any questions you may have or to schedule a free estimate.