What are the Benefits of Polished Concrete?

In Lakeville, Burnsville, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the entire Twin Cities area, polished concrete is growing in popularity. While dust and particles need to be cleaned from it periodically, it is very low maintenance, strong, and gives the flooring a decorative look that complements the room. This is why schools, colleges, office buildings, warehouses, factories, and department stores throughout the entire area turn to polished concrete for flooring that saves money.

Here are some of the benefits that commercial establishments are enjoying from polished concrete:

  • “Dusting” is eliminated because dust is pushed to the surface rather than settling in the pours of unpolished concrete, thus making maintenance more expensive
  • The floor is made much stronger, hardening exposed concrete after the top part of the surface of the old floor is removed. Even concrete that is old and weakening can be strengthened so that more years can be squeezed out of it.
  • The beauty of the floor is enhanced through better ambient lighting. Sometimes facilities are able to turn off lights due to this and that can save money on electricity.
  • Tire marks can be eliminated if the surface is frequently exposed to wheeled traffic. Polished concrete warehouse floors tend to be easier to clean than other types of flooring in these environments.
  • After the polishing process is complete, the polished floor can quickly be put in service. This means reducing the amount of downtime that the business has to experience.
  • Polished concrete floors are a cost-effective flooring solution. They save energy, they reduce tire wear, they are more durable and last longer, the amount of maintenance needed is reduced, and they also look great.
  • Stripping and waxing is no longer tasks that need to be performed. All of the labor that has gone to stripping and waxing in the past can be applied to your bottom line.
  • Concrete polished flooring is also the longest lasting flooring solution that anyone in the Twin Cities can take advantage of.
  • If the polishing starts to look dull or it is simply time for refurbishment, a re-polish can be done at a fraction of the cost of installing a whole new floor system. This can extend the life of the floor even more.
  • Polished concrete can easily be mistaken for marble because the surface is smooth and sleek. The aesthetic appeal gives it even more value and this makes it viable for a majority of industries.
  • There is less of a drag on cleaning equipment, which makes the mops, brushes, and pads last longer. Again, this is a money saving opportunity. Polished concrete floors don’t require the harsh scrubbing that other types of flooring do.
  • The wear on forklift tires and other machinery used in warehouses and factory is reduced. The tires on these machines tend to wear faster when they are driven over uneven and rough surfaces. Polished concrete is smooth and makes the tires last longer.

Each one of these benefits have a money-saving attribute to them, making them economical. This means that they will pay for themselves again and again. The money that is saved can then be applied to profits rather than operating expenses.