How Aircraft Hangars in the Twin Cities Benefit from Polished Concrete

Airplanes have some weight on them, which means the surfaces beneath them need to be strong. At various aircraft hangars throughout the Twin Cities and the entire state of Minnesota, you will find that the floors within these structures are concrete and they have to be very durable concrete in order to stand up to the plane traffic and last a while.

When observing those concrete floors in some of the aircraft hangars throughout the state, you will notice that some of them shine. This reflects a degree of sophistication and professionalism and that is one reason why so many industries choose them.

Look at car dealerships, for instance, they choose these floors because they can stand up to cars being moved in and out of showrooms and they actually accent the appearance of the cars.

In the case of aircraft hangars, there are good reasons as to why the installation of polished concrete is very important.

First, the technicians and mechanics have many of the same concerns that mechanics for any other vehicle have – when it comes to where they are to perform maintenance, the environment has to be one that is easy to work it. It also has to be one that cleans up easily and polished concrete is going to clean up much easier than porous concrete that is going to allow oil, dirt, and grime into its pores. This causes the floor to look terrible in a short amount of time and that means premature replacement. When the concrete is polished, mechanics and technicians have more time to clean up a mess and ensure the floor continues to look great and be functional.

Second, the fact that the floor cleans easily ensures maintenance costs are kept under control. Reduced maintenance means less time spent on the floor. This saves money, time, and energy when the maintenance and repair of the flooring is not a focus.

Third, the reflective nature of the floor does make it look nice. The reflectivity allows for optimum vision, which is something that is important when it comes to performing repairs and maintenance on planes.

Fourth, polished concrete floors are very resilient. This goes back to how well they clean up after a spill. Of course, you will want to ask your polished concrete installer what kind of maintenance method is best for the particular floors in the hangar because ensuring they are cleaned the right way will ensure their longevity. By ensuring longevity, it is easy to avoid premature replacement of the floor.

Fifth, you can lengthen the life of the floor by simply having the floor re-coated when it is time. Rather than replacing the concrete, just have it resurfaced and it is good to go again. This is how someone can get decades upon decades out of a single floor that they would have to replace up to two or more times in the same period. This produces a return on investment several times over.