5 Ways to Upgrade Your Existing Garage

Garages are a basic part of modern life with cars. So it’s no wonder that so many houses already have one built in. Of course, lifestyles change, timber ages, and over time a garage can become less appealing that it used to be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make use of the space. Even an old garage can be spruced up, reinforced, and made into something awesome and new again.

All you need is a plan, supplies, and a little elbow grease. We do a lot of work with local garages and we’ve seen some pretty amazing upgrades made to the simple square frame design. Today, we’re here to highlight some fun ways to improve an existing garage. Or, if you’re thinking about building a new garage, consider these upgrades in your initial design.

Add a Trellace-Wall

Garages have many different wall designs. Some have solid protective walls that are great for shelter from wind and rain. Some garages are just four poles holding up a roof. Some have half-walls, some have built-in tool racks. And everything in between.

If your garage has walls that are incomplete or falling down, you can completely rebuild the wall in a way that is both beautiful and sturdy: Trellises. Strong crossing wood trellises with vine flowers planted at the bases will grow into a privacy wall that will keep your car sheltered and turn your garage into a lovely garden retreat when the car is out.

Build a Rooftop Balcony

Some garage are built onto the side of a house, much like an attached garage. This creates a flat single-story roof that may be temptingly accessible from an upstairs window. So why not actually build yourself a little balcony? If the structure is strong enough, the top of your garage can be transformed into an inviting balcony and upstairs lanai.”

You can turn it into a cool teen hangout spot or add seating and turn it into a family area. The key is to reinforce your garage if it is not built to support the weight. And to make sure your route from window to the balcony is safe. From there, let your imagination take hold.

Repave it with Versatile Poly Coating

One of the great things about a garage is how well it functions as a versatile indoor-outdoor space. You can use it as a covered porch, a workshop, the base for a future garage, or to actually store your car. Garages are useful for a lot longer than their poured concrete slabs traditionally last. If you’ve got an old garage with a concrete floor already showing signs of wear, consider pouring a polyurea coating over it. This indoor-outdoor material is safe for kids, pets, vehicles, and it doesn’t crack or grow plants the way concrete does. Plus, it looks great, giving a splash of color and style to your garage and outdoor areas.

Paint a Mural

For many old garages, the only thing wrong with them is a little wear and tear. With a few repairs and a fresh coat of paint, your garage could be good as new. But you don’t actually have to paint the walls of your garage all one color. Instead, you could use this opportunity to paint a mural.

Your family home could be beautifully accented with an original wall-sized artwork on the inside or outside of your garage walls. You can paint it yourself, ask an artistic family member or even paint the entire wall as a family. With each person adding a unique detail.

Mosaic Project

Or you can take the same idea and apply it with small pieces of glass or tile. Paint often eventually rubs off. But tile mosaics can last forever. You can create a beautiful picture with colorful tiles or just a pattern that swirls and makes your garage look like a work of art. There are dozens of ways to build an incredible mosaic and, like the mural, you can do it alone or get your whole family involved.

The key is to fill in the spaces completely and consider a sealant layer over the top to dull the tile edges and create a smooth surface. This way, your family mosaic can last for decades, if not longer.

When most people see a garage, they see something normal and mundane. But we see amazing potential, and you can too. What will you do with your old or new garage? The possibilities are endless, from a plant trellis to a new multi-purpose garage floor. For more ideas on what to do with your garage to improve your home and garden, contact us today!