5 Commercial Polished Concrete Designs Found in the Twin Cities

Polished concrete floors can change the look of an entire room. Stained polish creates the glossy look that most people are familiar with. The gloss alone can accentuate the elements that are in the room. People encounter a number of concrete floors within different types of commercial properties. There is a certain concrete polish that is suited for nearly every type of setting. This means that owners have a number of choices that will define the character of that property. Here are some design ideas that you can consider and, if you find one you like or you have your own, you can tell your Minneapolis concrete polishing company what you would like to do and they will make it happen.

The ideas are:

  • Concrete overlay – This type of design is very aesthetically pleasing and is usually the main rule when designing the floor. It is durable and the easy maintenance is a plus. The high gloss finish also reflects light so that the area can be a more energy efficient one. This type is popular because it solves many problems like smudging, marks and fading. It is also affordable.
  • Stained polish – When you need to add color to your concrete floor, this is the way to do it. Depending on the type of property and the location, there are a number of ways that a property owner can go. Concrete slabs in any outdoor or indoor setting can be polished to make the flooring more attractive. The atmosphere can change a great deal and this is a major plus for business owners. For instance, a supermarket’s floor can be stained with a polish that brightens the store and makes it look cleaner.
  • Gray polish concrete – There will be many properties where the flooring is all about use and durability. The floor can still look aesthetically pleasing, but it may be in an environment that doesn’t necessarily have to be highlighted. A plan, uncolored polished floor can yield a nice gloss and allow the appropriate subtleties to shine through.
  • Patterns – There are some rather neat techniques that can be used to place patterns on the floor. The concrete flooring can be customized to contain certain colors and also have designs and engravings. You can choose from a number of designs or patterns, as well as colors if you want to do something different. The presence of colors and/or patterns do not interfere with the durability of the flooring.

What you receive when you opt for a polished concrete floor is what many have received throughout Minneapolis, Bloomington, St. Paul, and all of the suburbs around the Twin Cities and that is a durable floor that looks great. Factor in the fact that you don’t have to opt for a whole new floor and that high gloss allows you to cut down on electricity due to a reduction in lighting and the result is a significant reduction in floor replacement, floor maintenance, and even energy costs.