3 Ways New Polyurea Flooring Can Improve Your Workspace

Polyurea floors have a lot of benefits. They’re durable, low-maintenance, and last for years. They also look great. But there’s more to appearance than aesthetics, especially when it comes to your business. Here are three ways a polyurea floor coatings can optimize an open workspace.

1. Separate the work floor into sections without losing space to barriers.

A wide-open workspace is a great idea. Whether you have a warehouse, a garage, or an office with an industrial design, a wide space without walls is easy to manage. But if you don’t subdivide the space at all, organization gets a bit tricky. There aren’t clear areas or designated work zones. But at the same time, you don’t want to waste space and inhibit quick communication with walls. So use blocks of colors on the floor to designate areas.

In a car repair garage, for example, you can have high-contrast blocks that have the dimensions of oversized cars. These spaces clearly delineate where the cars should be parked so there are wide enough paths between cars and you don’t go over capacity. In a warehouse, you can add colored sections to designate high-frequency pack and ship options, extra inventory, and administrative areas. Floor-based cues help organization, even for new employees, and keep everyone safer without limiting visibility.

Color blocks also help you stay compliant with OSHA and other safety regulatory concerns. If visitors are ever going to be onsite, a polyurea floor coating can demarcate employee-only areas both with clear colors and with universally understood symbols. Polyurea coats can be just as precise and complex as tile designs or paint.

2. Make the room look bigger.

Subdividing your work floor doesn’t just make the safe spacer and easier to navigate. It also makes the space look bigger. Instead of just one square of space, you have several dedicated zones of production. If clients are going to see the room, a great first impression goes a long way to securing long-term business. Making your premises seem bigger, brighter, and cleaner makes your business seem just as big and bright.

This benefits your employees, too, no matter what type of business you have. People start to get antsy towards the end of a long shift, and it’s even worse if the work area is cramped. An impression of open space, as well as clear, bright colors, reduces some of that trapped feeling. The physical work environment plays a large part in overall company health, and it’s something that’s in your control.

3. Have clearly laid walkways for better accessibility and emergency walkways. 

If you don’t want to limit your work floor’s space by dividing it up into definite work zones, you can still play with the space to make your premises more navigable. Experienced polyurea floor installers can lay out clear walkways and aisles in your brand’s colors.

Creating high-contrast walkways keeps people organized, even if they don’t notice. If you have mechanized vehicles or employees who need to move quickly, established walkways prevent loitering. Just like people habitually hold open doors or check the road for cars without consciously noticing it, people know not to congregate on paths even if they’re wide open space. It’s a good visual cue to keep traffic moving, especially if the work floor is crowded. You can even add arrows and footsteps, just like in an airport, to make your meaning clear.

Marked hallways also make your premises more accessible for people with disabilities. Mark out the width according to ADA standards for wheelchairs so moveable tables and chairs don’t accidentally cause a violation. Choose bright colors so visitors and employees with visual impairments can easily find the emergency exists. 

No matter how you organize your business’s space, polyurea flooring can help underline the organization. Go to PolyTek Surface Coatings here for more reasons to choose our professional floor coating.