2012-2016 Global Epoxy Resins Market: Improved Formulations to Hit Market

Just like any product on the market, companies are always working for ways to improve them.

Research and markets announced the launching of the Global Epoxy Resins Market 2012-2016 report to their offering of reports regarding certain industries and products.

The analysts forecast that the Global Epoxy Resins market is expected to grow at 7.36 percent over a four year period. One of the key factors that contribute to this market growth is the increase in demand for epoxy resins in the United States, and even in emerging economies, such as Latin America, and Eastern Europe. The Global Epoxy Resins market has also been witnessing product innovation. The only challenge is in raw material prices.

Epoxies are frequently used as floor coatings in Minnesota and throughout the United States. They are used in the coating of warehouse floors, garages, sidewalks, concrete walkways, and many other surfaces. If the surface needs to be protected, then it is a good candidate for floor coating.

While epoxies have been popular in Minnesota for quite some time, they are especially popular in emerging economies looking to improve their infrastructure. This has become good news for investors wishing to invest in the Global Epoxy Resins Market. This is especially true as new and improved formulations are being created that improve the thermal and mechanical characteristics. As these formulations are introduced, the market is expected to continue to expand throughout the world.

For the environmentally conscious company and customer, there is even an increased focus of manufacturers on the development of VOC-emitting epoxy resins.

As it stands, the formulations that are on the market are very advanced as it is, limiting VOCs as much as possible in the powder coatings and water-based coatings.

The demand is also slated to increase due to expansion within the industrial sector. Plants and factories are in need of quality floor protection due to constant abuse of concrete by heavy machinery. Floor coatings made of epoxy and other materials are also becoming more popular in the automotive and aerospace sectors.